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IHG's VP of Information Security Examines Engagement From the CIO's Perspective

Peter Dooley, Vice President, Information Security at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), explored engagement from the chief information officer’s perspective in a keynote address to Argyle’s CIO membership at the 2015 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum in Atlanta on Dec. 17. In his presentation, Dooley shared some of his experiences in the hospitality industry and examined the CIO’s impact on bolstering client and employee engagement.

Mobile has become increasingly important in the hospitality sector, Dooley said. As such, today’s consumers are “always on,” Dooley noted, and hospitality industry professionals are responsible for finding ways to connect with these consumers at all times. In addition, Dooley pointed out that mobile, along with social media, are changing consumer behavior. Mobile devices and social networks provide consumers with instant access to a wealth of information, Dooley said, and CIOs need to take notice: “[Consumers are] making purchase decisions based on good information, ratings and reviews that might be out there on legitimate sites, or there might be bad information. … Everybody has short-term memory now with the Internet.”

CIOs must help shape the brand experience and the consumer perception of a brand, Dooley said. By doing so, businesses can learn about their clientele, Dooley noted, and deliver personalized customer experiences. In addition, Dooley pointed out IHG has begun leveraging “beacons,” empowering its workers to utilize the Internet of Things (IoT) and deliver personalized customer experiences across various devices. Beacons have served as a key differentiator for IHG, Dooley said, and provided his organization with a competitive advantage as well: “We’ve got the advantage because we know that they’re there and we know that they’re physically in the hotel. How do we leverage that information so that we can do something with it, so that we can make sure that we keep the guests coming to our restaurants? We are, from a leadership perspective, very laser-focused on being able to drive more value out of that information.”

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