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Innovating Analytics: Gaining a Competitive Advantage in a Customer-Driven World: Dave Scott, Chief Marketing Officer, ForeSee

Dave Scott, Chief Marketing Officer of ForeSee, explained how customer experience analytics can help an organization gain a competitive edge over its rivals during a Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by ForeSee at the 2014 Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Forum in New York on Jan. 16. During his presentation, “Innovating Analytics: Gaining a Competitive Advantage in a Customer-Driven World,” Scott stated that understanding customer analytics allows an organization to learn about its prospects and clients, which can help it stay ahead of its competitors.

According to Scott, it is crucial for an organization to understand the customer experience. If an organization can optimize its interactions with consumers, Scott said, it can boost its profits. By measuring customer experience analytics, Scott noted that an organization is able to promote its products and services to large groups of consumers, and is more likely to hit the mark with its marketing campaigns: “Customer experience is your key measurement and your key measure of success to be able to drive revenue and financial behavior.”

Scott noted, however, that it is becoming much more difficult to reach customers in today’s economic climate. Because customers can use social networks or word-of-mouth to share their views about different organizations, Scott said, these consumers are able to be heard by large groups of people across the globe. But an organization that makes customer experience analytics part of its marketing efforts, Scott stated, can control its consumer interactions: “Today it’s integrated. Now it’s way more strategic. You could actually be thinking about the customer experience in a strategic way and you could actually control that experience extremely well.”

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