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Marketo's Group VP of Product & Corporate Marketing Explores Customer Engagement

Chandar Pattabhiram, Group Vice President, Product and Corporate Marketing at Marketo, discussed “engagement marketing” as well as the steps marketers can take to drive customer engagement in a Thought Leadership Spotlight with Argyle’s CMO membership at the 2015 Chief Marketing Officer Leadership Forum in Dallas on Dec. 9. In his presentation, “The New Era of Engagement Marketing Imperative: Five Principles for Building Lifelong Relationships,” Pattabhiram provided five basic principles on how to engage customers.

Today, power has shifted from the seller to the buyer, according to Pattabhiram. As such, today’s marketers have a golden opportunity to connect with their customers, Pattabhiram said. If marketers embrace the opportunity to empower and inform buyers, Pattabhiram said, marketers can guide consumers along the entire customer journey: “It’s becoming a marketing first world because the buyer has the power and we have the power within the organizations to influence that buyer and become that main steward of that customer journey.”

In addition, Pattabhiram noted today’s marketers must build long-term relationships and bring marketing and advertising technologies to change the game in how they engage consumers. He pointed out engaging consumers as individuals, reaching out to consumers based on their behaviors and continuously engaging with them are essential. Also, Pattabhiram said driving toward an outcome and engaging people worldwide can deliver long-lasting results for marketers: “So the ability to drive engagement, measure success and amplify that is a key principle of engagement that gets us successful.”

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