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Chief Data & Analytics Officer of Mount Sinai Health on Driving Corporate Culture to be More Data-Driven

Mike Berger, Vice President and Chief Data Analytics Officer for Mount Sinai Health, will discuss how to start your own Data Science Center of Excellence at DATAx: Unlock The Power Of Data Science To Make A Real World Impact taking place November 6-7 in New York.

In Berger’s session on November 6, attendees can expect to take away practical examples and lessons learned in acquiring a thoughtful approach to driving corporate culture to be more data-driven.

Berger recently identified that “saying you’re data-driven and living it are two very different things”. He went on to acknowledge that if there was a way to evaluate and influence the culture of an organization to be truly data-driven, then that in turn, would create tremendous value.

Given that the healthcare industry is highly fragmented, Berger felt that startups aren’t able to scale quickly due to the closed nature ecosystems of the behemoth EMR (Electronic Medical Records) vendors.

Berger offered up some great advice for recruiting and maintaining top talent and for leaders looking to build high-performance teams.

“Balancing the build vs. buy is key.  You have some talent in-house that can be invested in, but you need external help to jump start your initiatives. [The] best advice I can give is to start small, don’t go from zero to any more than three without showing returns.”

When asked about Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML) initiatives that Mount Sinai Health is working on, Berger shared that the psychometric understanding of physician decision-making is gathering mindshare. However, he cautioned that the best risk scores and clinical decision support tools are meaningless if doctors won’t change how they practice.

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