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SAP SuccessFactors Remarks: Trish Kowal, HR Strategic Advisor, SAP

Trish Kowal, HR Strategic Advisor at SAP, discussed Millennials and their impact on the global workforce during her presentation at the 2015 Human Capital Leadership Think Tank: Changing the Way the World Works in Boston on June 3. In her presentation, Kowal noted that Millennials want feedback regularly, and organizations that strive to meet Millennials’ expectations can improve their overall work environments.

According to Kowal, work is important to Millennials. In addition, Millennials target career growth opportunities, and organizations that provide feedback regularly can ensure that they can attract and retain Millennials: “One of the things that we found out about Millennials is they’re not that much different from the regular workforce. There is one key thing that they have, however. They want feedback more often than the other workforce. What that means is they want feedback monthly from their managers. They want to talk about their development plans more frequently.”

Kowal also pointed out that Millennials often are well-prepared to enter the global workforce and understand how to leverage new technologies. If organizations prioritize employee satisfaction, Kowal said, they typically can find ways to add skilled Millennials to their teams. Organizations must find the right leadership to guide Millennials as well, Kowal said: “Companies that are in high-growth are growing into different markets and into new areas, and often, it was thought of from the people that did the data analysis that high-performing companies are harder on themselves and a little bit more paranoid saying okay, we want to do this but we want to do it successfully; let’s really make sure we’ve got the right people in place and the right leadership.”

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