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Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Datapipe: Hybrid IT Solutions: John Landy, Chief Technology Officer, Datapipe

Datapipe Chief Technology Officer John Landy discussed hybrid IT deployments and their value in today’s global marketplace during a Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Datapipe at the 2014 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum in New York on Dec. 10. In his presentation, “Hybrid IT Solutions,” Landy noted automation and orchestration are becoming increasingly important for organizations, and hybrid IT deployments can make it easier for organizations to streamline their IT operations.

According to Landy, leveraging best-of-breed technology is essential for today’s organizations, and organizations also must find ways to keep track of new technologies as they become available. In addition, Landy pointed out that IT and business process controls can help an organization minimize its operating costs and eliminate compliance issues. Organizations that understand “big data problems,” Landy said, can use big data to find ways to manage these issues as well: “The capabilities are there that allow us to solve problems in a big data-esque way. That big data way allows us to meet our business needs better and really allows the capability of using that data in much more interesting and unique ways than we would have if we would have just solved one problem.”

Landy also said that taking an agile approach to IT project management can be beneficial. If an organization examines various aspects of its IT, Landy said, it can resolve IT problems quickly and minimize its resource usage too: “We look at utilizing the best network connectivity. If the problem requires for low latency or for a high performance compute solution, we work with the networking side to make sure we have that.”

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