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Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Dropbox: The Future of Work: Ross Piper, Vice President, Enterprise Strategy, Dropbox

Dropbox Vice President of Enterprise Strategy Ross Piper discussed how customer experience, collaboration and networking technologies are transforming the global marketplace during a Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Dropbox at the 2014 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum in New York on Dec. 10. In his presentation, “The Future of Work,” Piper pointed out that modern business processes are rapidly changing, and as a result, there is a greater need for new security models to develop.

According to Piper, new technologies have changed the workplace. Many of today’s organizations are able to hire employees who can complete tasks from anywhere, Piper noted, which has caused new IT security concerns to develop as well. Meanwhile, Piper said new collaboration and information sharing tools have raised the demand for new security technologies: “The evolution of the way people are collaborating and sharing we see as driving a need for a different set of security models. Identity becomes that much more critical. Single sign-on becomes that much more critical. Providing services and APIs and architectures that allow things to be plugged in while still maintaining control has become more and more critical.”

Today’s employees want technologies that work with everything, Piper added. Organizations, however, are challenged to meet employees’ needs, Piper said. But an organization that finds the right balance between collaboration and security can minimize cybersecurity threats and ensure its employees can be productive on the go: “If you think about the intersection of collaboration and control, it’s a really important one because the tighter we squeeze on the control side, the more we can inhibit collaboration. The more open we are on the collaboration side, the more risk that we create for our business.”

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