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Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by ForgeRock: Identity Is at the Center of Everything: Robert Humphrey, Chief Marketing Officer, ForgeRock

ForgeRock Chief Marketing Officer Robert Humphrey discussed the importance of identity and access management tools for today’s organizations during a Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by ForgeRock at the 2014 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum in New York on Dec. 10. In his presentation, “Identity Is at the Center of Everything,” Humphrey noted understanding the importance of identity management is key for organizations that want to protect their sensitive data against myriad cyber threats.

According to Humphrey, digital tools have changed the way organizations operate. Today’s organizations need to find ways to leverage these tools, Humphrey noted, but must also understand how these tools can affect their operations both now and in the future. Humphrey pointed out that identity management technologies are becoming increasingly important as well, and organizations must prioritize these tools to avoid cybersecurity issues: “You have to start looking at things – identity – as a key part of how you put users and customers at the center of the strategy. It’s no longer just about IT-centric things, but user and customer-centric.”

Humphrey said the nature of security is changing, and organizations that take steps now to improve their security levels could avoid major problems down the line. Also, Humphrey pointed out that understanding the context of various data is vital for organizations: “Context is also the thing that takes identity outside of the office of the CISO or the CSO. This is where your CMO is very interested in identity from a contextual point of view. It personalizes the experience and builds trust amongst your customers.”

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