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Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by ForgeRock: Robert Humphrey, Chief Marketing Officer, ForgeRock

ForgeRock Chief Marketing Officer Robert Humphrey shared his thoughts on how today’s CMOs can cultivate innovation and improve the customer experience during a Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by ForgeRock at the 2015 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum in San Francisco on Oct. 15. In his presentation, he pointed out that identity management tools are transforming businesses because they ensure companies can effectively collaborate with their employees and customers.

Humphrey noted that identity management tools can help an organization bolster its service offerings. And ultimately, these tools can help an organization develop a single perspective for its customers, he said: “How can I provide a single view for the customer to all of their stuff? You can do that from networking and build lots of applications or you can build that mobile app that sits on top of an identity platform then connects all of those to separate systems.”

Identity can prove to be a business enabler, Humphrey said, that extends beyond security. In addition, he pointed out that a successful identity management platform empowers an organization to share information and ensure that this data remains secure at all times: “The users can say I want to give my doctors this information, I want to give other people this information, and I want to give people that want to sell me stuff this information. You can only do that if you have a single view of your customer.”

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