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Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Gigya: IAM vs Customer IAM: Delivering Business Value with a CIAM Solution: Sergey Krayniy, Director, Gigya

Gigya Director Sergey Krayniy discussed identity access management (IAM) and how businesses can control IAM issues during a Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Gigya at the 2015 Chief Information Officer Leadership Forum in Toronto on Sept. 30. In his presentation, ” IAM vs Customer IAM: Delivering Business Value with a CIAM Solution,” Krayniy said building a digital relationship with customers requires businesses to understand multiple customer identities.

According to Krayniy, a CIAM system must enable a business to improve its customer loyalty levels. Exploring ways to optimize the user experience and understanding the identities of sources, Krayniy said, empowers a company to boost its customer satisfaction rates. In addition, Krayniy pointed out that having a system to track different customer identities can help a business bolster its client interactions: “Each person can have six or seven different identities. Your system should be able, first of all, to handle the volume and second of all, to make sure it’s not duplicated. You have to have some sort of logic between your application so you can merge those identities under one user record. That’s what you have to consider as a part of your customer identity system.”

Performance also is an important part of a customer-facing identity management system, Krayniy said. However, a company that monitors this system, Krayniy said, can ensure it performs consistently: “It doesn’t matter how successful your business is in terms of how you have customers and daily logins per second; you have to deliver sustainable, consistent service on different devices and different networks. That, I think, is extremely important.”

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