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Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Lithium: Justin Schuster, Vice President, Product Marketing, Lithium

Justin Schuster, Vice President of Product Marketing at Lithium, discussed the importance of social media for organizations during a Thought Leadership Spotlight Presented by Lithium at the 2013 Customer Care Leadership Forum in San Francisco on Dec. 12. In his presentation, Schuster noted that an organization that utilizes social media regularly can improve its customer service.

Schuster said that social networks are valuable tools for organizations of all sizes. If an organization can leverage social media in its everyday operations, Schuster said that it could become more productive and efficient. However, Schuster added that an organization must understand how social networks affect all departments, and should promote collaboration between these groups to ensure that customers get the support they deserve: “Social is something that all parts of the organization that touch the customer ultimately need to have some responsibility for, and if we allow only one group to focus in on that, then there can be some risks.”

According to Schuster, social networks are intuitive, which make them incredibly valuable for an organization. By devoting the necessary time and resources to deliver top-notch customer service through social networks, Schuster noted that an organization can consistently deliver outstanding customer support: “The experience that we create for our customers on social networks is highly visible. It’s your most exposed customer touch point … Since actions speak louder than words, this is where we have the opportunity to show people how we truly feel about how we value their relationship with us.”

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