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Virtual Event Recap: 2014 Redefining Employee Engagement in Today's Results-Driven World

On February 11, 2014, human resources professionals joined the 2014 Redefining Employee Engagement in Today’s Results-Driven World Virtual Event. Argyle Executive Forum brought together HR professionals to discuss changes in employee engagement and how HR professionals can best adapt to these changes in order to ensure successful HR practices. Individuals shared his or her thoughts on the best practices around recognizing great performances, how to build employee engagement, and predictions for employee engagement in 2014.

Perspectives were given by:

  • Gary Harrison-Ducros, Vice President Labor Relations for Frito-Lay
  • Donna Howard, Chief Human Resources Officer for Sonic Healthcare USA
  • Sumeet Kapoor, Senior Vice President HR Strategy & Change Management for Huntington Bank
  • Razor Suleman, Founder & Chief People Officer for Achievers

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