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Xactly Corp's CMO on How Digital Technology Disrupts the Business World

Scott Broomfield, Chief Marketing Officer at Xactly Corp, discussed how digital technology continues to disrupt the business world in a Thought Leadership Spotlight with Argyle’s CFO membership at the 2015 Chief Financial Officer Leadership Forum in Chicago on Nov. 18. In his presentation, Broomfield explained how digital technology disruptions are transforming the way businesses operate.

According to Broomfield, embracing a forward-thinking mindset can help an organization reap the benefits of disruptive technology. However, he also pointed out speed is essential for an organization to keep pace with rapidly changing technology. Plus, understanding how to find employees with the right skill sets to leverage technology is key, Broomfield noted: “The number one skillset is talent. Finding the talent, training the talent, developing the talent.”

A mindful organization, Broomfield said, is aware of demographics and the value technology provides to them. In addition, Broomfield noted offering the right incentives to employees can ensure these workers will be prepared to embrace new technology. He also said these incentives must align with an organization’s goals to remain effective: “If you don’t do the right incentives you’re not going to get the right behaviors. If you don’t do the right incentives you don’t get alignment with company goals. So you have to go after the talent, you have to be mindful of the demographic characteristics, and then you have to make sure that you set up the right incentive structures.”

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